Branding and Imprints


Lots of French branding and imprints on potsherds beneath Lambeth Bridge yesterday. I can trace the history of these fragments to varying degrees, interestingly enough the medicine bottle is described in French but originated in London. Also pictured are fragments of a water bottle manufactured by the omnipresent Evian S.A.E.M.E and the lesser known Moutarde Bocquet Yvetot, founded in 1855 by Alexandre Bocquet, producing fine mustard and other condiments, in Yvetot, Normandy. I’m still working on a date for the Evian bottle fragment, but I think the mustard jar is transfer ware, was glazed, and dates to about 1910. #potsherds #history #heritage #tidal #thames #larker #mudlark #mudlarkart #mudlarkingfinds #boucqet #moutard #bottle (at Millbank, SW1)

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