“Mudlarks of London” Photographer: Tom Harrison

I am a licensed mudlark on the foreshore of the tidal River Thames, London, and am a member of the mudlarking and metal detecting club, Thames and Field. I am also a multidisciplinary conceptual artist, and as such, combine my art practice with my mudlarking endeavours.

This website serves as a central location to signpost to the various work I produce as a mudlark-artist, from research to visual art, educational videos, essays and social media posts. My specialist interest is social history, particularly, River Thames settlements, industry and genealogy of the people who lived and worked there.

I record any finds of significant historical value (over 300 years) with the British Museum’s ‘Portable Antiquities Scheme’, and those items can be found by searching the database at finds.org.uk.

If you plan to try mudlarking, please bear in mind that you need to obtain a permit from the Port of London Authority. If you wish to try mudlarking, with a seasoned mudlark, the person you want is Steve Brooker. He can be contacted by visiting the Thames & Field website.

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