Why All This Letterpress in The River Thames? Dramatic History of Doves Press

Ever wondered why there is so much letterpress type found in the Thames? We can account for at least 150 pieces of it! Find out why in this episode of Mudlarking with Old Father Thames. Also: Roman, Medieval and Modern finds – and what is this weird bone thing?


The Society For Clay Pipe Research – http://scpr.co/

The Swan Cove Kiln: Chesapeake Tobacco Pipe Production, Circa 1650 – 1669 – https://www.chipstone.org/article.php/171/Ceramics-in-America-2004/The-Swan-Cove-Kiln:-Chesapeake-Tobacco-Pipe-Production,-Circa-1650—1669-

Jasia aka Foreshores_of_the_Apocalypse – https://www.instagram.com/foreshores_of_the_apocalypse/


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