Cutlers’ Hall Exhibition

I’m super busy at the moment, preparing to exhibit a selection of mudlarking finds this weekend – at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Friday 3rd (Wren Suite, Crypt, 12pm – 5pm), and Cutlers’ Hall on Saturday 4th (10am – 5pm). I was asked to take part in the Cutlers’ Hall exhibition just last week, so I haven’t advertised it until now.

I will be exhibiting with three fellow mudlarks on Saturday 4th, and there will be an astonishing collection of 850 Tudor knives on show, the collection of Graham duHeaume, which he recently donated to Cutlers’ Hall. Graham will be at the exhibition, in person, along with Simon Moore, cutlery expert.

Graham and Simon were both mudlarks in the 1980’s, and will be fascinating to talk to. Graham is also displaying a number of finds found in the River Thames in the 1980s (check them out here

To read more about mudlarking in the 1980s, please visit

The other contemporary mudlarks I am exhibiting alongside are Jason Sandy (IG @jasonmudlark) Monika Buttling-Smith (IG @mudika.thames), and Ed Bucknall (IG @edjbucknall).
It’s an absolute privilege to be exhibiting at Cutlers’ Hall, and I hope to meet lots of you there!


🌊 ⚓️

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