Post-Medieval Cloth Seal! 500 Year Old Pottery! Mudlarking with Old Father Thames: 16.07.20

Hello Mudlarking Friends!

I’m back on the River Thames after four long months, so join me down on the foreshore to see what I find today.

From teeth to pottery and curious post-medieval metal items, the history hunt is on and I’m talking you through the treasures I find. I also find something I’ve been looking for, for years – a leaden cloth seal!

Remember to check out, where I add heaps more information and photos about my finds, including items of historical importance that I have recorded with the PAS at the Museum of London!

So, without further waffle, let’s hit the foreshore…

With thanks to Richard Hemery for the tyg ID, and to Stuart F. Elton ( for the cloth seal ID.


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