BBC 4 Down By The River

Hello Everyone!

I’ll be on BBC Radio 4 Extra tomorrow morning from 09:00am (I’m around 20 mins in), contributing to a 3 hour programme, Down by the River. Presented by Laura Barton, featuring lots of exciting archive footage and other contributors, it’s a “three hour celebration of Britain’s rivers”. I’ll be talking about the River Thames, mudlarking and art. If you can’t make 9am, the programme is repeated at 7pm, and of course, on the BBC Sounds app.

To find out more, click on this link:
For those of you outside of Britain, I think you can get the programme, depending on your channel subscriptions.

I’ve also just uploaded a new video to YouTube, please see my next blog post for that. I’m still unable to get down to the river (non-essential public transport is not allowed), so, unless transport restrictions change soon, I’ll be back with another Ten Minute Treasures videos in a couple of weeks.

Until then, stay safe everyone!
Marie aka Old Father Thames

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