❄ Mudlark’s Advent, Day 18 ❄

Lone Star ‘Gambler’ cap and spud gun, made in England. .
Featured in catalogues from 1962 – 1988, the Gambler was a die cast metal pistol supplied with a patented cap loading cartridge for firing potato pellets. One collector remembers it thusly…
“The Gambler was so fantastic and so frightening, as kids, we didn’t need to pretend it was a real gun, because it was. It had a barrel that would flip open, it had a bullet inside the barrel, and you could fire the toy like a real gun.”
Unsurprisingly the gun seemed to disappear from shelves in the late 1970s, the same collector coining it ‘The World’s Most Evil Toy’.
Source: Ffrontier.

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