Letters of Note


❄️Mudlark’s Advent, Day 13❄️
The famous lost Doves Type it is not, however, letterpress blocks are a joy to find.

Jumbled in with my other favourite finds – buttons, pins, lead trinkets and handmade nails – letterpress is always a thing I internally squawk about whenever it shows its (type)face.

For some reason, A’s and O’s are commonplace to me. Dabbed down into an ink pad and pressed on to good quality paper, they do the exact same job as when they first tumbled in to the river.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story of Cobden-Sanderson’s Doves Type, do a little research and you’ll find a romantic story, including a big bust-up, little parcels of typeface “bequeathed” to the Thames, and 150 pieces of the lost type discovered by Robert Green in 2015.

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