Ginger Pop!

tumblr_ohtlvw4iju1vh63uoo1_540❄️ Mudlark’s Advent, Day 3❄️

Batey ginger beer bottle stopper, c. 1910-1930. Found by @good_day_co.

William Batey established his ginger beer factory on the east side of Kingsland Road, south of the Regents Canal around 1853. Batey became bankrupt in 1881 and the business was bought by Richard James Alabaster, who established Bateys as a limited company in 1887.

Alabaster died in 1937 and these papers relate to his interests in Bateys, in property in Finsbury and Shoreditch run by Alabaster Joint Properties and the administration of his personal estate by his executors. Batey & Co continued as an independent company until sold to Charrington & Co Ltd in 1952.

In 1913, Batey Co Ltd were taken to court by a Mr Bates. The outcome of that case is often cited for guidance in law cases, which went like this… “Regarding In Bates v. Batey Co., Ltd, the defendants, ginger-beer manufacturers, were held not liable to a consumer (who had purchased from a retailer one of their bottles) for injury occasioned by the bottle bursting as the result of a defect of which the defendants did not know, but which by the exercise of reasonable care they could have discovered.”

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